Our Facilities

Pittsboro Headquarters

The Pittsboro location has two high volume, state of the art concrete plants side by side especially designed for mix optimization and efficiency. With two plants on the same site, we have ensured a true back up system so that your project will never fall behind due to plant breakdowns or complications. Both plants run daily and trucks are loaded two at a time for maximum speed and efficiency. Our plants being on the same facility create a true backup with no impact to delivery time when compared to plants that are 20 – 30 miles apart.

Each facility has fail safes for batching, power, and communications along with our 24 -7 on site maintenance team for both plants and trucks.


Knightdale Plant

Situated in an ideal location to service the busiest parts of the Triangle, this plant is equipped with a high capacity concrete plant, on site maintenance shop, back up plant, tempered water system, backup generator and office space.

Impact on environment: green practices

Our Fleet

Our fleet of 50+ trucks have an average age of 3 -5 years. All maintenance is done in house to minimize downtime.

We offer rear discharge trucks, all with GPS tracking and video monitoring.

We also have an in-house maintenance division equipped with service vehicles for emergency road or jobsite calls.

Capital takes a lot of pride in our equipment which we work hard to keep clean, a clean, new truck on a jobsite always makes a good first impression.

Customer Service

We believe that unparalleled customer service and professionalism is what will set us apart from the many options you have for ready mixed concrete in this area. Trust our team to take on your important projects by calling us today to get set up with your sales person.

We are proud to offer the following to ensure you receive top notch customer service:

  • Central dispatch with 4+ team members manning the phones daily
  • Access to cell phone numbers of our sales, quality control and dispatch teams
  • Text dispatch to place an order (you must already be set up in our system to utilize this service)
  • Paperless invoices and concrete tickets to make purchasing a breeze
  • Professionally trained drivers and support staff
  • Ability to create custom mix designs and order special additives to meet your specifications